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2013 Pipe Carver Entries

All Photos courtesy Pipes and tobaccos magazine

First Name
Last Name
Business Name
Web Site or Email Address
Pipe Entered
 Ryan  Alden  R.E. Alden Fine Handmade Pipes  
 Kris  Barber  Edwin Pipes  
 Grant  Batson
 Grant Batson Pipes  
 Matt  Brannon  McGimpsey Pipes  
 Nicholas  Burnsworth
 Premal  Chheda  Chheda Pipes  
 Dan  Chlebove  Gabrieli Pipes  
 Russ  Cook  Pipes by Russ Cook Pipes  
 Jared  Coles  Artisan Pipes  
 Jerry  Crawford  Crawford Pipes  
 Micah  Cryder  The Yeti Pipe Company  
 Adam  Davidson  Adam Davidson Pipes  
 Rad  Davis  Rad Davis Hand Made Pipes  
 Tony  Fillenwarth  Fillenwarth Pipes  
 Bob  Gilbert  Bob Gilbert Pipes
 Eli  Goodell  Goodell Pipes  
 Anthony  Harris  Acme Woodturning  
 David  Huber  DSH Pipes  
 Jesse  Jones  Jesse Jones Pipes  
 Nate  King  Nate King Pipes  
 Klodt  Klodt Pipes  
 Maigurs  Knets  Maigurs Knets Pipes  
 Don  Marshall  Handcrafted Smoking Pipes  
 Dru  Melpolder  Dead Guy Pipes  
 Chris  Morgan Morgan Pipes  
 David  Neeb  David Neeb Pipes  
 Tonni  Nielsen  Tonni Nielsen Pipes  
 Steve  Norse  Steve Norse Pipes  
 Scottie  Piersell  Piersell Pipes  
 Will  Purdy
 Will Purdy Pipes  
 Thomas James  Richards Thomas James Handmade  Pipes  
 Colin  Rigsby  SureWood Briar Pipes  
 Nathan  Rimkus NWR Pipes  
 Victor  Rimkus  Rimkus Pipes  
 Matthew  Rousell  Roussell Pipes  
 Rowley  Growley Pipes  
David  Shain  5 Points Pipes
 Bill  Shalosky  Bill Shalosky Pipes  
 Joseph  Skoda  Skoda Pipes  
 Olie  Sylvester  O. Sylvester Pipes  
 Wayne  Teipen  Teipen Pipes  
 Scott  Thile  S.E. Thiles Pipes  
 Gunnar  Weber-Prada  
 West  Tim West Pipes  

The Greater Kansas City Pipe Club, GKCPC, is a social group whose members enjoy Pipes, Tobaccos, and Pipe Collecting.
We gather monthly to share a good smoke, gain knowledge of pipes and tobaccos, sample tobaccos, trade a pipe or two,
and enjoy the camaraderie of our brotherhood of the briar. We also host the Kansas City Pipe and Tobacco Show.

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