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The Comoy family practiced their craft as wood turners in the ancient town of St. Claude.  Francois Comoy with his brothers began making smoking pipes from local timbers, primarily boxwood.


Francois Comoy and his son, Louis, experimented with a wood called Briar (called Bruyere in French) from Corsica and found remarkable qualities which local woods did not possess.  From this point on Briar was the only interest of the Comoy family.


Henri Comoy was born and became the 3rd generation of the family to become a pipe maker.  He had an all-pervasive ambition that the Comoy name should earn fame and become symbolic of all that is finest in Briar pipes.


London had become the center of the pipe smoking world with briar pipes being imported from France.  Henri Comoy moved the family business from St. Claude to England and established it in Clerkenwell in the City of London.  A selected team of French craftsmen came with him.  Became the first briar pipe manufacturer in England.

He set his inventive mind to creating special tools, jigs and machines to perfecting processes, with one aim - to make better Briar pipes.

Began using the trademark of "London Made".

Early 1900's

The 4th generation of sons and nephews joined the business.  In 1905 they began to visit the United States as part of their expansion into World Markets.  They wanted first hand knowledge of the requirements of each country.  First Catalog in 1909.


In response to successes in marketing, factory was moved to Rosebery Avenue with extension in 1920.

In 1925, 1931, 1935 additional workshops opened.

In 1937 a splendidly equipped factory was opened to accommodate a staff of 400!


World War II caused the new factory to be dismantled and became used for components of weapons of war.

After the war, the fourth and fifth generations rebuilt and continued to follow the course set by their forefathers, for the name of Comoy to always be synonymous with true smoking pleasure.


Became a division of Cadogan Investments, Ltd.



Prima, Cecil, Smart-Set, Standard, Strand, H.C., London Made Briars,
Old Bruyere, Royal Comoy


Grand Slam

Everyman - accommodated the masses

Blue Riband


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